Space Exploration

3D Space Exploration and Discovery

Space Exploration game stage is your portal to the DEEPSPACE metaverse.

Space exploration will allow you to travel to planets, initiate combat, discover rewards, and eventually do quests.

The Layout

Game Network Stats: Located in the top left corner of your screen this area provides your ping, FPS, and other server connection information.

Chat: Utilize enter/return and the bottom left hand corner to chat with other players in the DEEPSPACE metaverse.

Coordinates: Located in the bottom middle of the screen, coordinates provide your location in space. Each object in space has it's own coordinate. Learn to use the coordinates to help understand where you are in the universe.

Speed: To the right of your coordinates is your ships speed to indicate how fast you are going.

Resource Capacity: Next to your ships speed you will see your total resource capacity. This is the total mining stat of your entire fleet added together.

Detailed Resource Capacity: In the bottom right hand corner of the screen you can see an exact breakdown of all the resources you currently are carrying.

Fleet Health: In the top right corner of the screen you can see your active ship fleet's health.

Navigation Tracker: In the top middle of your screen the navigation tracker will appear if you are tracking your hangar or any other item from your journal. The tracker displays the distance and direction of whatever item(s) you are tracking.

Movement Tracker: Located in the center of the screen the movement tracker controls how your ship moves in the metaverse. Utilize your mouse to change directions. Movement inside the circle doesn't change your direction. Mouse movement outside the circle does. The closer to the outside of the circle the smaller change your movement will be. The farther away from the circle you go the larger your movement changes will be.

In Game Notifications: Located in the top left section of the screen you will receive in game notifications for events throughout your play. Examples include finding loot crates, resources gained from ship wrecks, and any other in game actions/results that are occurring.

Game Controls



Open the game option menu


Open the Journal

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