Selecting Your Ships

Selecting the ships for your playing session

DEEPSPACE allows you to play with up to 4 ships at a time. If during the course of game play your ships are damaged, you will need to return to the Hangar to repair or replace the ship in your fleet.

Any resources collected during game play are unloaded from your ships when returning to the hangar. Resources in the hangar are secure from loss and eligible for bridging out into your wallet for use on the blockchain for upgrades in the Ship Yard or sale to the Galactic Exchange.

Ship selection

To add a ship to your active play fleet, locate the ship on the left side of the screen, and click on it. The ship will move to your active loadout on the right side of the screen. Ships are added to your inventory in the order selected. The top slot will be your lead ship.

Lead Ship

Which ship you select as your lead ship determines what ship you see when playing the game, in stages where only a single ship is shown.

The stats of your lead ship also has an impact on various aspects of Exploration such as movement speed and resource interactions. More details on this can be found in the Space Exploration section of the documentation.

What if no ships appear in my hangar?

If no ships appear in your hangar after logging in, be sure you own at least 1 ship, and that the ship has been locked/bridged in for gameplay. Ships cannot be used in-game until they are locked and locked ships cannot be listed for sale. See the Locking a Ship documentation for details.

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