It's at the core!

What is a Core?

Cores are the power sources for your ships, they provide the power for ship movement through the galaxy as well as powering weapons and defense systems.

Each ship you mint comes with a core built in. The core is randomly selected and there is an even 25% chance to receive each core type.

Cores provide a type advantage in combat, similar to a game of "paper, rock, scissors" when attacking other ships or defending against an attack.

Cores are required for stat upgrades beyond level 50. See Cores on the Upgrading Stats page for details.

Core examples

  • Magnetic core ships will have a slight advantage when attacking a Mechanical core ship.

  • A Mechanical core will have a slight advantage when defending against a Plasma core.

  • Ships with a Fission core attacking or defending against a Mechanical core will have no affect.

Cores as NFTs

Well actually SFTs. SFT's are "Semi-Fungible Tokens" which means they are not unique, all Fission cores are the same as each other for example.

Cores can be obtained by salvaging a ship in the Ship Yard, or on rare occasion, they may be obtained as rewards from gameplay.

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