Ships, the keys to your DEEPSPACE adventure

Ships are the main component of the DEEPSPACE game. Without a ship, you cannot play. Ideal gameplay requires a fleet of four ships.

DEEPSPACE ships are NFT's on the BSC or ETH blockchain and or purchased from the DEEPSPACE Marketplace (BNB) or OpenSea (BNB and ETH). Ships must be bridged into the game via the Bridge before they can be used.

Ship stats are best viewed in your Inventory using the Ship Card, but can also be viewed in the Hangar from within the game.

Level and Star Rating

Ship level is the sum of all it's stats.

Smart NFTs

Our ships are Smart NFTs have been built in a way that will allow certain stats to be upgraded over time, as well as ways to enhance the overall strength and value of your ship permanently.

Ship skin (how it looks) is not upgradable and is determined at time of minting. The Luck stat can only be edited a maximum of 10 levels and require the elusive and expensive lucky charm. A ship with 37 Luck would only be able to achieve a maximum of 47 Luck. All other stats can be upgraded to the class maximum for that particular stat.

What is Ship Bridging?

Bridging moves your ship into the game. This is to prevent ships that are being used to play the game from being sold and continue to be used in-game. Once bridged in, only ships not in use can be bridged back out.

See Bridging for more information

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