DPS, the currency of DEEPSPACE

DPS is the backing currency of the DEEPSPACE metaverse and found only on the BSC blockchain network.

In this section you will find information on

  • No Fee Token

  • The DPS Contract

  • Distribution Model

No Fee Token

DEEPSPACE (DPS) is no longer a fee-based token as of May 30th, 2022.

In preparation for the upcoming launch and marketing of the DEEPSPACE game, the DEEPSPACE Team has strategically decided to remove all three portions of the 9% buy, sell, and transfer fee for the DPS token. DEEPSPACE (DPS) can now be bought, sold, or sent for free.

The BNB Smart Chain gas fee still applies to all transactions.

Slippage should now be set to: 1%

The DPS Contract

Contract Address: 0xf275e1ac303a4c9d987a2c48b8e555a77fec3f1c

The DPS token and contract was launched on August 2, 2021 in this transaction.

The current owner of the DPS contract is a multi-sig wallet (more on that below) with the address 0xaCc34268f5D7Cb9B11BfB1ba4D8bD2bc2B49EE4E

To allow for future adjustments, upgrades and enhancements, the team is retaining control of the contract via the muti-sig wallet.

(i.e. the team WILL NOT renounce the contract)

Distribution Model

The below model provides how DPS was distributed upon its creation.


Core Team Wallet — DEEPSPACE Contract owner

👛 0xacc34268f5d7cb9b11bfb1ba4d8bd2bc2b49ee4e


👛 0xbdaed74fc8b18d6c99122c2076068444941da5a4

Game Development

👛 0x83f2cd3881aefd6abf3997f7c132f6273caffbe9

Solidity Development

👛 0x7c5705e10d6b1700aca01274a53be25292357809

The multi-sig wallets currently have 6 custodians and require 4 / 6 votes for all transactions.

The six custodians are:

🔑 0x629bc9173bffc3a4be7655840e678787db43d23a

🔑 0x23f25d8304dfdf8001a3e80891e3ae43f322f2fa

🔑 0xc61f22b4e5bce8563d386288d43ee19f72d73f2c

🔑 0xb1594277598fdca7311a313401604fd23f3d49ac

🔑 0x3f015040669c2e4e5430b54c4c3069331f95c338

🔑 0xad2e324bedd5bc8c00d9b4e6ae4813550eab2cfa

All of the above addresses are externally owned accounts (EOA) and held by the individual Core Team members.

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