DEEPSPACE Whitepaper
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The DEEPSPACE game is a multi-stage 3D MMO set in deep space, with an in-game economy backed by a cryptocurrency token and NFT based assets, allowing the player to truly own their assets.
DEEPSPACE is split into multiple stages, effectively offering multiple games in one.

The Hangar

The Hangar is the launchpad to DEEPSPACE. Players will use this space to select their ships, initiate PVP, obtain quests, and manage their ship and player equipment.
The Hangar is pending re-design and likely to be expanded to include some social aspects.

Space Exploration

Launch your fleet into the DEEPSPACE first-person 3D Exploration game phase. Space exploration allows players to chat globally with other players exploring DEEPSPACE as they travel to distant planets, search for lost cargo, and mine asteroids for resources. During flight, players are faced with an array of gameplay mechanics which include obstacles and rewards such as lost cargo, ship wreckage, asteroid mining, quests, and initiation of turn-based combat.
Asteroid mining in Exploration


Unpolished pre-release development footage of combat
Test your fleet and skills in our dynamically generated turn-based strategy environment against NPC AI or other players in PvP. Leverage your ship's unique stats and abilities to strategize how to beat your opponent in combat by moving around the hex tile gameboard to attack enemy ships or terrain.
Each player or AI takes turns with a set amount of time to move their ship, use an ability or item, working to destroy all of your enemy's ships. When a ship is destroyed it is removed from combat. The last player or team with ships remaining on the board wins the game.
PvE combat can be initiated from exploration by hunting an enemy to attack, getting attacked unexpectedly as you travel through the universe in exploration or being attacked while mining.
Winners of PvE combat can be rewarded with resources, experience, or other rewards.
PvP combat features a custom, ranked matchmaking system pitting you against an opponent of similar power, allowing each player and potentially spectators to wager on who will win.
PvP winners are rewarded with the wagering pool from participating players.

Combat scenarios

Single player PvE (Player vs Environment)

Players can fight NPCs (non-player characters) that are AI-controlled enemies within the game to win resources or other rewards.

Co-op PvE

Players will form groups or raids to take on larger and more difficult fights for potentially greater rewards. In this scenario, each player will take turns maneuvering their ships to work together with their teammates to take down the enemy.


Rather than being dynamically initiated through exploration gameplay like PvE above, PvP is implicitly started through planetary or other matchmaking systems incorporated into the game.
PvP can be 1 vs 1, or N vs N where N could be 2 players per team, or upwards of 100 players per team, each taking turns working together to strategize how to best their opponents and win the combat battle.

Future Facing Features

Beyond the current roadmap, the following items are planned for development and release
  • Racing
  • Mining
  • Land Ownership
  • Social Gathering
  • Universe Expansion