DEEPSPACE Whitepaper
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NTFs - Player Owned Assets

Always Player Owned


Ships are the main asset in DEEPSPACE and it is required to own at least 1 ship to play, and there is no limit to the number of ships a player can own, though a maximum of 4 ships can be used at a time.
Level up your ships by collecting or purchasing resources to upgrading their stats in the Ship Yard. Through upgrades, a 1 star ship can become a 5 star ship.
In addition to upgrading ship stats, ships are equipped with upgrade slots allowing users to burn specific equipment NFTs in to their ship NFT permanently. Each star rating unlocks a new upgrade slot for a total of 5.
Ships can be salvaged, or disassembled to obtain Cores.


Cores provide 2 key mechanics in DEEPSPACE. A "paper rock scissors" mechanism giving certain ships a slight edge or vulnerability against other core types. There are 4 types of cores a ship can have which is determined when the ship is minted.
Core types and their benefits
In addition to this cyclical bonus system, cores are also used to unlock certain ranges of stats when upgrading your ships. To upgrade a stat beyond 50, one or more cores are required to be attached to the ship. Cores are burned once bound to a ship.
Raw cores are rare and can only be obtained by salvaging (destroying) a ship, purchasing a core from someone else who has salvaged a ship, or on rare occasions as a reward.


Resources are central to many aspects of DEEPSPACE being obtained and used in many aspects of the game.

Using Resources

  • Upgrade Ship Stats
  • Build Equipment from Blueprints
  • Sell to Galactic Resource Exchange
  • Repair Damaged Ships

Obtaining Resources

  • Finding Lost Cargo in Exploration
  • Asteroid Mining
  • Winning PvE Combat
  • Completing Quests
  • Winning Events
  • Mining Land
  • Buying it in the Galactic Resource Exchange (provided by other players)


As a player, you are represented by a commander. Commanders are randomly generated with different features and benefits. The Commander is displayed as your player avatar throughout the game and represents you as the player. As players completes missions, win combat, or achieve other successes, they are rewarded with experience applied to their Commander allowing them to increase their level as common in many games.
Leveling up allows players to unlock new capabilities, such as in-game abilities, or the ability to use certain vanity items to change the commanders looks.
Like all DEEPSPACE assets, Commanders are NFTs and can minted as well as bought and sold on the marketplace.


DEEPSPACE provides players with multiple types of equipment.
Ship Upgrades are equipment that can be burned into a ship permanently, forever increasing the performance of a specific ship (ship equipment can be overwritten with newer upgrades). When a ship is sold, it's burned in upgrades go with it.
Equipment that can be attached to a ship for benefits but does not burn into the ship permanently, but rather stay with the player if the ship is sold.
Commander equipment are items tied to you as a player, and affect all ships or have effects that are not ship specific.


Subdivided planets make up in-game property. Players will be able to buy and sell land. Owning land will allow the owner to receive passive income and potentially other benefits. Full implementation details of land is ongoing.