Player Progression

Movin' on up!

DEEPSPACE offers multiple ways for players to progress within the game, each offering it's own advantages.

Choose your play style and favorite aspect of the game and tailor your assets to that, whether it's combat, racing, farming or crafting / trade-skills, there is a path for you!

Ship Levels

Collect resources and level up your ships. Each ship has a level rating that is the sum of all of it's stats. Each point a stat is increased also increases the ships level. Through this mechanism, a 1-star ship can level up to become a 5-star ship with enough resources and cores.

Each star rating increased opens up a new permanent equipment slot on your ship.

Commander (Player) Level

Your commander represents you, you are the commander of your fleet. Through gameplay, players will receive experience points. Over time experience will result in your commander leveling up.

As commanders level up, certain benefits will unlock only available to commanders over a certain level. While your commander avatar can be bought and sold, the experience is tied to the player themselves and does not transfer with a commander avatar. Player experience and levels can only be earned through gameplay.


Equipment can be a great way for players to progress their game. Equipment comes in the form of Player/Commander equipment which is owned by the player and can be used on any ship, and ship upgrade equipment which can be burned into your ship for a permanent boost.

Players can obtain equipment by building it from blueprints using trade skills, getting rewarded with it, or bought and sold on the marketplace.

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