DEEPSPACE Whitepaper

Listing Integrators

DEEPSPACE (DPS) is Whitelisted on MATE’s Trade Platform

Bogged Finance





DEEPSPACE is now listed and verified on the platform affording new ways for the community to obtain DPS tokens. The platform is simplistic enough to allow for users to trade between their choice of verified cryptocurrency and makes swapping a breeze.
Another benefit of the platform, is making it easier for users to obtain cryptocurrency with using popular FIAT methods such as, Apple Pay or credit card. Flooz.Trade is supported in over 180 different countries and expanding overtime (including the US).
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MoonLight has comprehensive tools for the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). By holding Moonlight tokens, users get privileged access to these tools. As part of their toolset, they offer Bubble Maps. These maps look into the analytics of the tokens and look for those deeper connections between holders and easily display them. This can help show transparency across a token and show how “healthy” a token’s distribution is. Additional information on the tool can be found on their Medium, detailing the rules and use cases.
How does DEEPSPACE - DPS's Bubble Maps look? Check it out!


Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is an application that supports a wide variety of coins in a secure way. In addition to staking services, Trust Wallet lets you interact with several Dapps, access DeFi products, as well as exchange your coins instantly through their DEX integration.
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