DEEPSPACE Whitepaper


Our roadmap provides a more in depth look into our current priorities and vision

Vision & Technical Priorities

  • Following up our beta launch that happened mid-last year with an improved version of the game build that incorporates both ETH and BNB. This reworked exploration build will come integrated with combat. The motivation behind the relaunch is to increase server capacity and stability, add more fun aspects to exploration, and introduce the grid based combat mechanics into the game. Combat will include both PvE against AI enemies as you adventure freely around DEEPSPACE, as well as competitive ranked and casual PVP against other real players with the ability to wager.
  • To begin working on multi-chain infrastructure, and become fully chain agnostic. The game and web app are both on BNB chain currently, but our database driven approach that we are working towards will allow us to add more chains and on-ramps seamlessly. The ecosystem, as our own DB, will act as a bridge between chains - users can come in from any chain, or start as free-to-play from no chain at all. Users can also leave to any chain after playing, or if a free-to-play user wants to move on chain their assets will be minted to their wallet. This bridge functionality can be seen under the bridge tab on the web app
  • Expanding releases of the game to incorporate Land Deeds, racing, DEEPSPACE Commanders, social spaces, and more!
  • Pitching to VCs for funding to extend our runway and expand our team. This will allow quicker and more effective development + workflow. We have immense talent and experience on the team, but we are all wearing a lot of hats, and we would be able to ship releases quicker with our ideal team size.

Business Case

To be successful in our vision, we need to be sustainable as a business. This means getting to profitability long term and offsetting costs in the short term. The more successful we are as a business, the more opportunities we have to provide value to our community.
As a company we are targeting a few verticals around not only DEEPSPACE, but the overarching company Chainify Labs:
  • Leveraging the asset ownership strengths of blockchain and NFTs to allow p2p trading while collecting rakes/fees. These fees allow us to sustain and profit from operations as well as perform discretionary ingame economy replenishment from game marketplace activity. We also do this in automatic fashion with our Galactic Resource Exchange (also viewable on the dApp) which is an SFT liquidity pool that takes an automatic rake to replenish itself.
  • Targeting the well known “freemium” model, that game companies use to sell non pay-to-win game items to users without ruining the game experience, like skins, emotes, consumables, etc.
  • Recently, we have become incorporated, so we are working on getting trademarks and IP filed for any of the intellectual property created thus far. This will allow us to protect our creations as well as monetize them in the future as an out-of-the-box solution for other companies. We have created novel tech and continue to work towards an overall model that we feel can seamlessly onboard traditional gamers to the web3 space.