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DEEPSPACE (DPS) Certik Audited

Audit Overview

DEEPSPACE DPS has chosen Certik to perform our contract audit.
Certik was selected because of their experience in the blockchain space and are generally considered the gold standard when it comes to contract audits.
Click the link below to visit the Certik Security Leaderboard for DEEPSPACE, where you can find information such as the contract audit report.

Audit Findings and Mitigations

Certik audits are designed to ensure 100% security. To obtain a perfect score, a contract must be renounced of ownership, resulting in an inability to interact with the token contract.
This would mean no ability to change fees, whitelist addresses, or other functions required to maintain our token, such as the ability to migrate our Liquidity Pool to a new version of Pancakeswap. In 2021 Pancakeswap rolled out a v2 router, renounced contracts were unable to migrate and are stuck on v1.
The result of this necessity to retain contract ownership results in 4 Major findings in the audit report, all of which revolve around contract centralization and ownership.
All Major findings are marked Partially Resolved, as they are mitigated by the contract being owned by the Mutli-Sig wallet as described above. This protects any single actor from performing any contract functions and requires at least 4 owners to approve any action.
The mitigation details for each finding can be found in the Audit Report PDF on the Certik Security Leaderboard.
DEEPSPACE - CertiK Security Leaderboard
DEEPSPACE (DPS) Certik Audit Dashboard