Buy DPS with FIAT

Ways to acquire DEEPSPACE with FIAT

Using Flooz.Trade to acquire DPS with FIAT

Flooz.Trade supports buying BNB with Apple Pay, Credit Card, bank transfer and a variety of local payment methods in over 180 countries.

Once you acquire BNB, you can swap it for DPS

  1. To access our DPS site on Flooz.Trade, navigate to

  2. Click "Connect" in the top right to connect your wallet.

  3. Select the wallet service you would like to use to connect your wallet to

4. Click the "Buy BNB" in the top left button

5. Follow the prompts to complete the identity and verification questions. If successful, your wallet will then contain BNB.

6. From there to acquire DPS, simply enter the amount of BNB you would like to sell, or DPS you would like to acquire, and click "Swap". if the transaction is successfully confirmed, you will have DPS in your wallet.

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