What is DEEPSPACE Testing

DEEPSPACE Testing is exactly what it sounds like, all about testing DEEPSPACE!
Pages here will help facilitate testing of DEEPSPACE game and marketplace development lifecycles. As new content is created, it will be delivered and published to testing locations first, prior to being promoted to production.

Why DEEPSPACE Testing?

By regularly testing changes we make to both the game and marketplace, we hope to ensure a bug free and enjoyable experience for users interacting with our marketplace and playing the DEEPSPACE game. Testing prior to production allows us to catch bugs and receive user and player feedback on pending releases and updates.

Can I earn money in DEEPSPACE Testing?

Play 2 Earn is not enabled in DEEPSPACE Testing, as testing utilizes the BSC Testnet network rather than Mainnet. TESTDPS is the token used for testing.

Can I test the Outpost (NFT Marketplace) and Inventory without being approved?

Yes! Approval is only needed to play the game. Anyone can setup their wallet on testnet and mint, buy, and sell ships within the NFT Marketplace in the Web App.

Important URLs for Testing

NFT Marketplace and more:
Feedback and Bug reporting: