Connecting to BSC Testnet

How do I get involved in testing DEEPSPACE?

Before you can test DEEPSPACE, you will need to have the MetaMask browser extension installed and configured for BSC Testnet.

Installing MetaMask

There are many tutorials on the web for installing MetaMask if you prefer a more detailed walk-through than the MetaMask Zendesk article linked below.

Keep your seed phrase safe and secure. Your seed phrase is specific to the wallet, NOT Testnet. Even if you only plan to use this wallet for Testnet, it is still good practice to always secure your seed phrase. Do not give this to anyone as it will allow them to take over your wallet on ANY network including Mainnet. Keep your seed phrase in a secure and safe location.

Once you have installed and setup MetaMask, you will need to add the BSC Testnet to it.

Configuring MetaMask for BSC Testnet

Let us configure Testnet for you

The easiest method to configure MetaMask for BSC Testnet is to simply connect your MetaMask to our TESTDPS Faucet site. If your MetaMask is not already configured with a BSC Testnet connection, you will be prompted in MetaMask to allow our site to add it for you.

To use this method, proceed to <Obtaining TESTDPS>

Manually configure MetaMask for BSC Testnet

In this section we will walk you through adding the BSC Testnet network to your MetaMask wallet. The steps below can be performed without using Expanded View, but I find it easier this way.

  1. Click the kabab (the 3 dots) next to your account to open the menu, then click Expand View.

2. Click on your Account Bubble at the top left of the MetaMask window and click Settings

3. Click Networks on the left to open the Network settings, then click Add a network

4. Fill in the network information and click the Save button

A further list of BSC Testnet Endpoints can be found here

Congratulations! BSC Testnet has now been added to your MetaMask. You can now use the Network Selector dropdown to change between networks as shown below.

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