Getting Test DPS (TDPS)

We've made getting TESTDEEPSPACE (TDPS) is simple!
Connect to, click Connect Wallet, and select MetaMask
Don't worry, if you have not yet configured BSC Testnet or are not on the right network, our site will tell your MetaMask to change networks for you, or add it if needed.
If prompted to change networks, or add Testnet, scroll down and click Approve to approve adding BSC Testnet to your MetaMask, and click Switch to allow the site to change your network to BSC Testnet.
Once MetaMask is connected, simply click Submit on the faucet site to receive your TDPS tokens.
You will need some Test BNB for gas in order to obtain TDPS. Follow this guide to obtain Test BNB
Simply submit and approve the transaction as normal. When the transaction is successful, you will have 1,000 TDPS in your wallet.