Use the Shipyard to upgrade and improve your ships.

Search by ID or scroll to select which ship you'd like to view. You can upgrade your viewable ship or salvage it for its ship core. Ship Upgrades

Click the '+' button next to the stat that'd you like to upgrade as many times as you'd like to upgrade. You can upgrade multiple stats in one transaction. Once you have increased a stat a '-' button will appear if you want to change your upgrade values without restarting. When you finished increasing all the stats you'd like to upgrade hit the upgrade button which will prompt a blockchain transaction.

When the transaction is confirmed your ship will permanently have those stat increases. It may take 15 to 30 seconds for the updated information to display or you may have to refresh the page. Note: Remember that different ship classes have different ship maximums. You cannot upgrade beyond those maximums. The Luck stat can only be upgraded with lucky charms and to a maximum of 10 upgrade levels from its original minted value. Additional ship cores are required for stat upgrades beyond level

Ship Equipment

Coming soon ...

Required Resources

This section will dynamically display all the required resources needed for whatever upgrades you've selected in the ship Upgrades section.

Available Inventory

View your available resources, ship cores, equipment, and gems in the available inventory section.

Add Cores

Add additional cores to your ship from your available inventory. The more cores your ship has the higher maximum stat levels are allowed. In order to upgrade a stat to level 100 eight additional ship cores are required.


Destroy the selected ship to receive a ship core (the core type received will be the same as core of the ship). You also have a chance to receive a small amount of resources.


Spent the resources required to make the upgrades you have selected for your ship.


Removes all upgrades added in the ship upgrades UI and returns your ship stat values back to their current value.

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