Using The Vault

How do I stake a ship?

After purchasing a ship, either by building it or buying one from The Outpost, you may choose to stake it to earn DPS rewards.

The staking page is fairly intuitive, at a high level, you simple click the Stake button for the pool you wish to enter, select the ships, click the Stake button again to submit the ships and approve the transaction.

Your wallet must be connected to view the buttons in order for staking to function.

Staking Ships

  1. Click on the Vault tab of the DEEPSPACE Dapp to display the staking page.

  2. Click the Stake button of the pool you'd like to stake ships to

  3. Select the ships you'd like to stake. You can select up to 10 ships at a time. After selecting ships, the Stake button will turn blue.

  4. Click the Stake button (now blue) to submit the ships to the staking pool

  5. Approve the transaction in your wallet

Claiming Rewards

Click the Claim button at the top of the pool list.

Clicking the Claim button will claim ALL rewards from all pools.

Approve the transaction, and after a few seconds your claimed DPS will be in your wallet.

There is no fee for claiming DPS.

Un-staking a Ship

To Unstake a ship, simple follow the same process except click the Unstake button, instead of Stake.

There is a 15 DPS fee per ship that is un-staked before the staking period expires. See What is the Vault for details on staking period.

  1. Click on the Unstake button for the pool that has the ship you wish to Unstake.

  2. Select the ships you wish to Unstake, after selecting a ship, the Unstake button will turn blue.

  3. Click the Unstake button again and approve the transaction, your ship will be unstaked.

Viewing Un-Staked and Staked Ships

An Inventory of ships is provided on the Vault page, below the staking pools, that can be used to view what ships you have that are available to stake, or are already staked.

View Un-staked Ships

To view Unstaked ships, simply scroll down and select Unstaked. The ships shown are available for staking.

View Staked Ships

To view Staked ships, simple click the Staked button, and then scroll up and click on the pool you wish to view staked ships for.

If after clicking the Staked button, you see a message stating Please select pool to view available ships.

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