High Risk Pools

Not for the faint of heart

A unique feature to DEEPSPACE NFT staking is our High Risk staking pools. This makes DEEPSPACE ship NFTs deflationary.

High risk pools offer a chance to earn more DPS, but have the added risk that you may lose your ship and earn nothing. Let me restate - There is a chance that when entering a high risk pool, your NFT will be burned and lost forever.

When entering your ship into a high risk pool, there is a 25% - 75% chance that you will lose your NFT.

Your ships Luck stat determines the chance that your ship will be burned.

A ship with a Luck stat of 1, has a 74.5% chance to be burned. For every 2 Luck, your chance to burn is reduced by 1% (0.5% for every point of luck) until a minimum 25% chance of losing your ship with a Luck of 100.

Translated to odds, this means that with a Luck of 100, a ship has a 1 in 4 chance to be burned.

Likewise, a ship with a Luck of 1, would have a 3 in 4 chance to burn. Again we are talking odds, so it is possible that 4 of 4 ships may be burned, or 4 of 4 could be successful. The % just changes the odds.

When talking odds it is important to remember this is like a dice roll, there is always a chance that even though a ship has 1 in 4 odds, you may still burn 4 in a row, or that even with 3 in 4 odds, maybe all 4 make it in successfully. It is a random chance based on the percentage, there is no guarantee that if you submit 4 ships any will make it.

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