What is The Vault

Park Your Ship to Earn Rewards

In it's current iteration, The Vault is a place to stake your NFTs and earn DPS rewards.

This implementation of The Vault is for pre-game launch only and may be replaced with a similar but more advanced permanent staking mechanism later in the future.

Initial Round - Pre-game launch

A total of 2,880,000 DPS has been committed to this initial round of staking, split across each of the 4 staking pools. Pools pay rewards each block (about 3 seconds) and are split across all holders, weighted by ship level and texture.

See Staking Details pool for more information on distribution.

What makes DEEPSPACE staking unique

The DEEPSPACE Vault NFT staking has some very unique concepts specific our ships. Each of the items is discussed in more detail on the following pages.

  • Risk potential ship loss to earn higher rewards

  • Multiple aspects of your ships stats are used in staking

  • Texture Rarity bonus modifiers

Start and End

Staking starts on Friday, March 12th at 12:00 AM UTC and concludes on June 19th 2022 with BNB Chain block number 18860361


There is a 15 DPS fee (10% of the minting cost) to un-stake your ship before the staking period concludes. Ships left in the staking pool for the duration can be removed without paying a fee.

Ships cannot be listed on the marketplace while they are staked. You must choose to list your ship for sale or stake it for rewards.

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