The Play Tab

The Play page allows you to sign up for a game account, and download the game.

Signing Up for a Game Account

Signup is simple. Be sure your wallet is connected to the site, enter a valid email address, create a password, and click Signup.

During this testing phase of the game, your wallet must be whitelisted with us in order to sign-up.

Getting the Game

Click the download link for the OS of your computer. At this time, Windows, Mac and Linux are supported.

Once downloaded, extract the zip and run DEEPSPACE.

When running the game on Windows you may be warned by Windows Defender that the application is from an unknown publisher. Simply click More Info and Run Anyways we are working to be able to digitally sign the application to prevent this warning.

You may also receive a notice that Windows Defender is scanning the application for viruses. Simply wait for the scan to complete and the game will start.

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