DEEPSPACE Whitepaper

DEEPSPACE Whitepaper

DEEPSPACE (DPS) - Multi-Chain MMO Game



DEEPSPACE (DPS) is a 3D space-themed play to earn game based in the DEEPSPACE universe created by a team of lifelong gamers and engineers. The project aims to put the game in GameFi by bringing fun and addictive game mechanics to the crypto space.
Launched in August 2 2021 DEEPSPACE leverages NFTs as player assets. Mint, Buy and Sell NFT ships, land, and equipment on our custom marketplace built in-house specifically to support the DEEPSPACE game.
Space ships in DEEPSPACE are unique and upgradable SmartNFTs designed by in-house blockchain experts, allowing players to level up their ships by way of upgrades built with resources that can be mined in-game or purchased from other players in our Galactic Resource Exchange.
$DPS, found only on the Binance BNB Chain (formerly Binance Smart Chain) network, is the backing token of the DEEPSPACE ecosystem and economy. Multi-Chain is currently being researched to determine the best possible implementation for our ecosystem.
  • Buy and Sell NFT Assets
  • Build and Progress Through the Game
  • Leaderboards, Competitions and Prizes
  • Play to Earn
  • Player Customization


DEEPSPACE is a unique MMO blend of first-person 3D space exploration, turn-based strategy combat, and action racing e-sports.


DEEPSPACE has a "Game First" vision to be a cutting-edge game that players want to play and compete in for fun. We believe with a solid game design and engaging foundation, the implementation of a blockchain-backed economy comes naturally and reliably rather than feeling forced. Where most "crypto games" are focused on crypto/blockchain concepts, our goal is to simply be a great and addictive game with an emphasis primarily on the traditional gamer audience.
We are focused on bringing a great and addictive game to as many people around the world as possible, supporting an array of platforms and devices - not just the latest cutting edge hardware.

Play to Earn

You can earn DPS by actively playing and participating in the DEEPSPACE Economy! Hop in your ship and explore the DEEPSPACE universe to gather resources that can be used to progress your own fleet or sell to other players to earn more DPS.
Build equipment to use or sell to others.
Wager in-game DPS tokens and try your luck going battle against other players, winner take all.
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