DEEPSPACE contains a wealth of talented individuals from all over the galaxy. Below you will find information on the layout and details of each team member.

Core Team


Project Lead

Wristwatch and investment-grade TCG collector, avid Star Wars fan, and overall Galactic Emperor.

As a full time engineer with years of experience in DeFi, project management, gaming, and trading, Zed defines focus for the DEEPSPACE team to execute on an industry-valuable and meaningful roadmap. He understands and appreciates that gaming can be an escape from reality for the everyday user. He is motivated to intertwine financials and gaming in a sustainable way, without sacrificing the gaming experience we all find so important. He is very excited to revolutionize blockchain and gaming and set precedents for the future of both!


Design & Technical Lead

With 25 years of professional experience in IT operations and security, John is excited to merge his love of tech with his love of gaming. In addition to working in, and holding leadership positions in both startup and Fortune 500 companies professionally, he has been an avid gamer and involved in MMORPGs since 1994 where he has taken on roles of both guild and raid leader along the way. With thousands of hours logged accumulating in-game wealth that cannot be transferred out of games, he sees the future of crypto-based asset ownership as the next milestone in the evolution of gaming and is thrilled to have the opportunity to leverage his broad experience to make it happen.

In his spare time, John enjoys collecting antiques, tending to his aquariums, and is heavily involved in cat rescue with his wife of 15 years (who he coincidentally met in an MMORPG).


Head of Infrastructure & Security

As a Ph.D. candidate in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance, with a focus on blockchain technologies, and as an industry professional with over 20 years of Information Technology experience, Computeronix brings a wealth of professional experience and academic knowledge to the team. While the last 5 years of his experience has been focused on cybersecurity and compliance, he is no stranger to the Web3 community space as he has been engaged with prior communities in the past and has relevant start-up knowledge for expanding communities and common tripping points when running a Web3 project of this size. He is excited about redefining the meaning of the Metaverse and seeing the inherent value of smart, Non-Fungible Tokens.


Core Developer

Software Engineer that comes from a long career developing services and infrastructure for large enterprise system. FMD has an insatiable curiosity to understand systems and problems at a fundamental level, and that curiosity has been applied to blockchain technology by developing novel solutions to emerging blockchain challenges.


Core Developer

Wup was originally discovered roaming discord servers and muttering to himself. With most activity taking place in telegram, and being too stubborn to join the crowd, he resorted to writing the project’s discord pricebot to keep him company.

After starting to code at the age of 10, Wup has roughly 25 years of software development experience, in areas that include web, e-commerce, robotics, domain registrars, financial management, brokerage services, and more recently, blockchain development.

Wup is a later addition to the Deepspace core team. He is not a llama. Possibly a cyborg.


Head of Finance

With a formal education in finance and with a focus on asset management, Alex blends his multi-year knowledge of the financial markets and DeFi to better manage and monitor the assets of the DEEPSPACE team while providing budgeting insights to better align us with our short and long term goals. With experience in investment banking, Alex uses his skills to form meaningful partnerships, while also presenting business development initiatives to improve the overall efficiency of operations. Being here from the very beginning, he is very aligned and motivated to the team's vision of becoming the most enjoyable game on the blockchain, while maintaining that play-to-earn model everyone loves.


3D Asset & Lore Builder

Varg’s background stems from his early work as a content creator in the late 00’s within several proto-metaverse and MilSim communities. Varg dedicates his time to 3d asset creation in the form of hard-surface modeling and environmental design. He contributes to the DEEPSPACE lore creation and worldbuilding efforts within the DEEPSPACE multiverse.


Web Design & Development

Andeh is a technical print and web production designer by trade. He is lifetime learner fascinated by the process of innovation; synthesizing useful novel solutions to complex problems and challenges that help DEEPSPACE achieve its goals. He is drawn to DEEPSPACE’s deep intersectionality between development, crypto, and gaming.

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