Cargo Fuel

To transport resources successfully through the DEEPSPACE metaverse you must have cargo fuel to stabilize them.

Your cargo fuel capacity is determined by the total stat level of all of your ships. The higher stat level of your fleet the more fuel capacity you have. When you enter the game you'll begin with 100% cargo fuel capacity. As soon as you big up resources your cargo fuel will begin to be used. The more resources you carry the quicker your cargo fuel is consumed.

If you get to 0% cargo fuel you'll begin to drop resources you are carrying. (Note: You'll still be able to explore with 0 cargo fuel, you just won't be able to carry resources)

How to get more Cargo Fuel

  1. Spend DPS at Refuel Stations spread throughout DEEPSPACE.

    Refuel station has four options - 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. Bridged in DPS you use as payment and you'd pay the difference as to whatever fuel amount you select. For example if you are at 70% capacity and choose 100% you'd pay 30% cargo fuel costs in DPS.

  2. Return to the hangar and slowly auto generate cargo fuel.

    You ships in the hangar will slowly replenish their cargo fuel automatically.

You can utilize ships with less than 100% cargo fuel capacity. You cannot sell or bridge out ships with less than 100% Cargo fuel capacity. You must either refuel or wait until your ships replenish automatically to bridge them out of the game.

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