Uncover the secrets to deeds and plot ownership

Land details are being added and detailed out and the latest can be reviewed on the roadmap and with the community in Discord.

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Each deed represents and entitles its owner to a plot of varying size, rarity, and capability inside of the DEEPSPACE MMO (currently live in MVP).

Plots span across all seven planets of the Genesis Realm with differing characteristics for a multitude of gameplay styles and strategies.


The planets available for ownership are Athena, Mitra, Gelida, Melas, Vorvoid, Tyranus, and Chaldene – each incredibly distinctive with a different number of plots available and a unique set of attributes.

In addition to the different plot attributes, there are also rare phenomena that players can encounter on their land.

These include Energy Vortex, Storm Rift, or Time Dilation Zone to name a few. These rare traits offer unique gameplay opportunities, and only a small number of plots have them.


The resource concentration varies across the plots, with some lucky deed owners finding an abundantly generating one.

The resources available vary across the states of matter you are (and aren't) familiar with.

The plots come in four different sizes ranging from Compact to Colossal.

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