Getting a Ship

I want to play, how do I get a ship?
To obtain a ship, you must either build a new one (minting), or purchase an existing ship for sale by another player at the Outpost (our NFT Marketplace). Remember that a ships texture (how it looks) cannot be upgraded and the Luck stat can only be upgraded 10 levels.
Minting a new ship will randomly generate stats, skin/texture, class and core.
Will you take a chance minting a new ship that could have great stats and a rare skin? Or are you more comfortable paying a premium to purchase a ship from another player on our NFT Marketplace?

Important Note on ship generations

Ship generations (collections) may stop being produced by the manufacturing faction. When a generation of ships is no longer being built, it can no longer be minted, leaving the only option to purchase from another player on the marketplace.
This is specifically true for the Genesis ship collection which can only be minted from 03/11/2022 7pm EST until 03/18/2022 7pm EST. Minting will then be locked and no new ships will be minted until a new faction takes up manufacturing and offers ship building.