The Genesis Planets of DEEPSPACE - Their Lore & Practical Information

IN DEVELOPMENT - Content subject to change

The Genesis LGE (Land Generation Event) is limited to a few - in this case 6, player owned planets, to focus on proving out our MVP. There is also a 7th government (team) owned variable planet as a low yield, essentially free-to-play option. Each of the below planets has a lore associated with it to bring more of the game aspect to the play-to-earn structure, which it seems to be what most blockchain P2E projects are missing. In addition, the lore helps us drive each planet's purpose in regards to resource provision for what potential land ownership would offer. Each planet will have land parceled out for users to own and utilize - for example, a planet touted as being large may have more parcels than another, and a planet being more volatile than another may offer more rewarding resources to leverage the risk of being there or having ownership of it.


Desolate, superheated gas giant Mitra is the youngest of the 6 planets in the genesis realm. Filled with toxic smog, this body is rich in the vapor required to make fuel for spaceship propulsion and weaponized technology. The gnarliest beings in the galaxy made Mitra home 600 years ago and are very protective of its volatile resources as they put their civilization at an advantage when it comes to warfare.


Gelida is the oldest of all masses found in DEEPSPACE, and is Cryo-Oceanic by composition. Frequent blizzards and extremely low temperatures exceeding -400 degrees farenheit are the result of being within proximity of solely far-reaching dust particulate and ionized gasses. For those that can withstand these conditions long term, Gelida is rich in precious metals and hidden technologies for superior hardware that will help you succeed in your widespread galactic exploration.


Athena is a relatively young lava exoplanet that is comprised mainly of purple bacteria due to the infrared signature of organic vegetation in its infancy. Athena is host to microbial alien life forms that mimic early signs of a future planet like Tyranus. A multitude of crude metals, metalloids, and gasses including but not limited to magnesium, calcium, and silicon are the result of a superheated magma core.


Being the largest of the 6 genesis planets, Tyranus is a Megaplanet home to the majority of the flora/fauna found in DEEPSPACE. It lends itself to being the most stable in regards to providing renewable and sustainable materials. Life found here has developed a balance of geodiversity and biodiversity due to the sustenance provided by Tyranus' perfect blend of atmospheric conditions and readily available water.


Ammonia, Formalin, and other useful chemicals make up portions of Vorvoid's noxious and unstable non-land environment, deeming it an appropriate place for medical and experimental resource gathering. Although it's non-land composition is well documented, Vorvoid's terrain is home to some of the most mysterious and exotic beings in DEEPSPACE.


Melas is the most centrally located planet in DEEPSPACE and is a plasma that has constant ongoing nuclear fusion that emits light in visible, UV, and infrared form. Only those specially equipped can venture here, let alone be hosts to its extreme conditions. Melas is primarily made up of hydrogen and helium as well as modest amounts of iron and carbon.


Non-player ownable planet

Chaldene is a colonized and domesticated starting planet owned by the galactic government for users to mine for very basic resources that are centrally and reliably controlled. Chaldene is a safe planet, so resource collecting here poses very little risk.

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