Genesis Collection

The First Generation of DEEPSPACE Ships

The Genesis collection is the first collection of DEEPSPACE ships that were produced.

Genesis ships were only produced between 03/11/2022 and 03/18/2022 making them not only the first DEEPSPACE ships to be produced, but also a very limited production. Each genesis collection ship has 2 unique abilities:

Genesis Abilities

Fighter Class

Shock Leash- Place a device on the combat field that uses plasma to pin the opponent in place and deal damage over time, until the leash is killed or releases.

Cluster Rocket- A special attack targeting a specific enemy ship and any ships immediately adjacent to it. This attack will do full damage to the targeted ship, and 50% damage to all enemy ships surrounding it.

Tank Class

Absorption Field - Ships within this protective bubble will share their damage taken with the protecting tank. Barricade - Places a barricade on the tile selected, ships cannot shoot through the barricade until it is destroyed.

Support Class

Repair Mine - Place a repair device on the combat field. When exploded it will heal all friendly ships in range of it's explosion

Repair Burst - Repair, or heal, the health all friendly units adjacent to the support ship.

Miner Class

Obliterate Land - Attack an asteroid on a hex tile and destroy it, making the tile accessible for ship movement. If an asteroid covers multiple tiles, the portion of the asteroid on the targeted tile will be destroyed.

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