Exploration Events

A number of different events can happen while traveling through DEEPSPACE including discovering lost cargo, finding ship wreckage, being raided by pirates or getting attacked (coming soon).

Lost Cargo

When discovered, lost cargo will appear as a loot chest floating in space and highlighted in pink. You will receive an alert notification letting you know that lost cargo has been discovered. It's up to you to find it near your current location. If you move too far away from the cargo, it will be lost and disappear. Fly over the chest to collect it's resources.

The Luck stat of your lead ship can result in bonus cargo being discovered.

Ship Wreckage

On rare occasions you may stumble upon the wreckage of another ship that was previously destroyed. Searching wreckage can result in finding resources.

The mining level of your lead ship will determine the number of resources you are able to find among it.

Space Pirates

Beware! Space pirates lurk throughout DEEPSPACE and have the ability to freeze your ship in their tractor beam and raid your resources. Your warning systems will alert you when pirates find you. Use evasive maneuvers to escape them, as they fly very fast ships, but have poor handling.

The combat stats of your lead ship can help fend off the pirates, reducing the amount of resources they are able to pillage from you.

Combat (coming soon)

It is not uncommon to get attacked while flying through DEEPSPACE. Sometimes pirates and other factions will attack you rather than raiding your resources. When you are attacked, the combat stage will load and you will take turns with the AI-based enemy. Defeat them and you are rewarded by obtaining any resources they were carrying, however, if you lose the fight they will take your resources and leave your ships damaged and in need of repair.

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