Your path to fame and riches

Resources are a key element to DEEPSPACE and are a main factor in the game economy and progression.

At this time the Galactic Exchange and Ship Upgrades only operate on BNB Chain. There are plans to migrate the Galactic Exchange into the game itself which will allow it to be chain agnostic.

Resource Uses

Ship upgrades (coming soon)

Ship stats can be increased by using resources (and cores). Increasing ship stats also increase the level and potentially star rating of your ship. See Upgrading Stats for more details.

Accelerate ship repair (coming soon)

Ships can become damaged through gameplay resulting in their health being reduced. If the health of a ship reaches 0, the ship can no longer be used for gameplay. Ships are repaired slowly over time, restoring health, however resources and/or DPS can be used to instantly repair a damaged ship, restoring health to the maximum as determined by its health stat.

Sell your resources

Visit the Galactic Exchange and sell your resources on the open market. The Galactic Exchange offers DPS in exchange for your resources. The amount of DPS received will varies based on the supply and demand for a given resource.

Building Equipment (coming soon)

Different resources can be combined to create equipment NFTs that can be applied to your ships to further enhance them. Blueprints will be needed to build equipment.

Obtaining Resources

Resources are obtained through a number of methods in DEEPSPACE across all stages of the game.


In exploration resources can be found in the form of lost cargo, or discovering ship wreckage. Be on the lookout for both of these while flying! Over time quests will be added to Exploration and reward players with resources as well.

Space pirates can raid your ship and pillage your resources. Resources are not considered safe until stored in the hangar.

The amount of resources you obtain in exploration is impacted by the stats of your lead ship. See Exploration Events for more information on lead ship effects on resource collection.


Combat can be a profitable way to collect resources. Successfully defeat AI ships in combat and you will be rewarded by pillaging their ships for resources! Careful though, as losing in combat will result in losing your own resources.

Mining (coming soon)

Visit the planets of DEEPSPACE and mine for resources! Leasing land from other players will result in a greater amount of resources and also generate some for the land owner. If you do not have any leased land, government-owned land is available for mining at a reduced yield.

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